About us

For a local news portal born in late 2004, just when bursting of the news portal was about to nearly bring down both indian local news and the fledgling worldwide web, we couldn’t have chosen a more difficult time to launch. But it was really passion and belief that saw us through. A single-minded passion to become the country’s greatest resource for local hindi news on the Internet. And the belief, that through it, we would be able to make a difference to people’s  lives.
Since 2004 through to today we have been there to chronicle the growth of the Indian economy. And along with it we have grown as well ; starting off as a local news portal that began by offering end-of-day National News to today arguably becoming India’s biggest store of news (text and videos), complains, news and media, the business sector and the economy.
bestuecker.in today gets over 11 million visitors every month across all its platforms-web, mobile and tablets that makes it the largest online local news platform in India. But while we’ve radically changed and evolved, the belief and passion to be the best and the most insightful hasn’t. That, we hope, keeps us ticking. This we believe is merely the start of our journey
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